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Currently, SmartCard-Service delivers the TellME 7™ cross-platform solution for ATMs to the markets of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries. The solution is designed to be used on equipment of various manufacturers. TellME 7™ Software provides a stable operation of more than 60 types of ATMs from key global manufacturers, including: NCR, DieboldNixdorf, Nautilus Hyosung, OKI, GRG and others. It also supports cash recycling (banknote recycling) devices which are in demand nowadays.

Application Software

SmartCard-Service offers the TellME 7™ application software.
TellME 7™ uses a modular, device-independent architecture that implements business logic and interfaces, regardless of hardware. This gives banks a unique opportunity to develop banking service and client interfaces, regardless of the choice of hardware solutions from various manufacturers. In addition, TellME 7™ provides an advanced and powerful tool for independent development of business logic and interfaces, TellME 7™ Payment Engine.

Security systems

SmartCard-Service offers solutions for providing information security of an ATM during its operation.
TellME 7™ Advanced Security is a software product for setting security policies automatically on ATMs using prepared security templates that take into account specific characteristics of device models running TellME 7™ Software.
TellME 7™ is compatible with the built-in Application Control for Windows operating systems starting with Windows 7.
TellME 7™ EyeTM is a security and video surveillance agent integrated with TellME 7™ video surveillance that allows video recording of events occurring on the device using a convenient archive search, both in local and remote mode.
TellME 7™ EyeTM-SmartDefender is a complete solution for protecting against cyber-attacks. Depending on the ATM model and protection logic, the ATM can be protected from BlackBox and/or Malware attacks.

Monitoring systems

SmartCard-Service offers its own solution for technical monitoring of a network of ATMs - TellME 7™ Monitoring, which can be implemented using minimal technical means. TellME 7™ also provides an open universal CEN / XFS and WMI-based interface for connecting third-party TellME Unified Agent monitoring systems. At the moment, monitoring systems such as ProView, Detwig, ORION, M3, etc. have been adapted to use this interface.

WEB extensions tools

SmartCard-Service provides tools for expanding the capabilities of the software based on the use of HTML pages, by displaying screens in the web browser, as well as integrating with external systems. This allows you to significantly expand the capabilities of the interface, as well as bring functional and business logic out of standard payment application scenarios, including NDC, into the WEB.